We fully understand that your demand for packaging material will vary throughout the year. For seasonal products you might only need the packaging for a short period whilst year round items need a constant packaging supply. In this situation, Octo can offer you various types of lease contracts enabling you to call off your Octoboxes as required. Octo will take care of the rest.

Octo will ship your cargo CFR to your chosen port of destination after which you can use the Octobox for the agreed time period and then return it to us. After collection by Octo to one of our ‘service centres’ the Octoboxes will be inspected, cleaned, folded and stacked ready to ship again to either serve a new customer or to start on your second trip.

Service Centre

Our European warehouse is located only 10 km away from Rotterdam harbour. It is here we have our Octo Service Centre where we will ensure that your moveable asset, such as the Octobox, is maintained to the highest standard. Maintaining your asset in ‘tip top’ condition optimizes its life span increasing its economical credentials by serving your supply chain activities over a longer period.

At Octo, it does not matter if your Octobox has faced the most severe challenges in the supply chain. At our service centre it will receive the right attention to make it ready for a new trip. If minor repairs are no longer an option full refur- bishment will be arranged at our factory. We coordinate and execute all activities and inform you upfront on every item. All procedures are carried out according to our high quality standards.

Track & Trace

Our developed supply chain portal will track & trace all moveable assets, contracts, orders and shipments. It also offers automatic documentation generation and an upload functionality. E-mailing different documents and asking for status updates on orders or shipment is something that belongs in the past!

For Octo, you will receive all required supply chain information to keep control. The supply chain portal covers:

• Asset management and control
• Contract management
• Complete order and shipment control
• Proof of Delivery App
• Stock control
• Warehouse Module
• Track & Trace (incl. Historical Data of each unit)